For many people, moving abroad for a life of sun, sand and sea is a dream come true – especially during the cold winter months of unpredictable British weather! With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that thousands of Brits have flown across the globe to live in Australia; a haven to expatriates searching for warm temperatures and beautiful beaches.

Of course, there’s more to moving abroad than simply packing your bags and booking a flight. There are a number of factors to consider, documents to fill in and regulations to be aware of, so you’ll need to get clued up before you can begin to enjoy your new life on the colourful streets of Melbourne or the sandy shores of Sydney.

Here’s what you need to know about living in Australia:


If you plan to stay in Australia for good, you’ll need to apply and be accepted for the right type of visa. There are a variety of types of visa, each applicable to different situations and requirements, including visas for skilled workers, business investors, students, and individuals moving to reside with family members. To see which visa option is right for you and to submit an application, click here.



Not willing to leave home without your furry friends? Fortunately, as long as you comply with the conditions set out by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, taking your pets with you should be possible. Your pets will have to undergo veterinary checks, micro-chipping and quarantine to ensure they’re disease and tick-free, so make sure you find out exactly what needs to be taken care of in advance to avoid tricky delays. Click here for a step-by-step guide to relocating with your cat or dog.

Moving your belongings

When you move abroad, you also need to plan how to transport your belongings. Unless everything you own fits into just one suitcase, you’ll require the services of a trusted international storage and removals company to help you with your possessions.

Finding qualified, BAR-accredited removalists to transport your goods is important for every move, but this is especially true when you’re moving from the UK to Australia. You’ll need to have total trust in your house movers that your belongings will be safe in transit, so find a company that not only deals with international relocations, but that also has a great track record of customer service.

At Purdie Worldwide Removals, we’re proud to meet these criteria and more. We’re experts in international removals and go above and beyond to make the entire process hassle-free for our valued customers. For more information about our range of services and to see how we could simplify your move down under, get in touch with our team of experts today.