Experienced in Overseas Relocation

We specialise in overseas removals to locations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the Middle East, but perform our excellent services all over the globe. No matter where you’re relocating to, you can be sure of receiving personal attention from our team and a fast, trustworthy service.

Skilled international removals

When you choose our overseas relocation packages, you have the option to ship your items as a full load or part load. A full load is perfect for larger removals, as you are able to have sole use of a shipping container, and a part load is when your items are loaded into a shared container and therefore is recommended for smaller home removals. Both options are carefully tracked, assessed by our quality control inspector and insured to ensure there are no issues with your items reaching their destination.
If you need your items in a hurry, we also offer air freight. This much faster shipping option is ideal for smaller loads or individual items that you need straight away.

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Professional Removal Service

We’re dedicated to providing an incredible removalist service to you, and we want to make sure we get it right. A quality control inspector will assess the quality of your move throughout the entire process to make sure everything is running smoothly, and we use a Total Quality Management system to anticipate and avoid problems and obtain an assessment on the quality of our services. With a customer service coordinator keeping you informed, and appropriate insurance cover for every shipment, we are committed to providing a world class service.

Over 200 local UK Members

Whether you’re moving house or relocating your office or other place of work to a different premises, our national moving service is ideal for you. We can specially package high value items such as art, pianos, or antiques to ensure they reach their destination safely, no matter where in Scotland you’re moving to. Although we are based in West Lothian, Scotland, we carry out national removals to areas such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Stirling.