Although at Purdie Worldwide Removals we specialise in moving people around the UK and abroad, we’re also very proud of our roots and are happy to assist people wanting to move house locally within Edinburgh. The city is consistently listed as one of the best, if not the best, cities to live in throughout the UK. Here are just a few reasons why.

It’s a Green City


Edinburgh is officially the UK’s ‘greenest’ city! The city has a huge abundance of green space and very low pollution levels in comparison to others across the nation. It’s a cyclist’s paradise and you’re only ever a stone’s throw away from a park or a botanical garden.

Find out more about cycling in Edinburgh by visiting the Capital’s Premier Cycling team: The Edinbugh Road Club.

With the recent introduction of the 20mph speed limit it’s also one of the safest city centres to live in!

Career Opportunities


Here in Edinburgh, there is a wide range of career opportunities in a huge variety of industries for you to choose from. The iconic video game developer Rockstar has one of their headquarters in Edinburgh and, whether you’re a creative or someone more adept to finance, there is a wide range of options.

Getting to work is easy, too! Edinburgh has some of the shortest commuter times across the UK; you’re likely able to walk, cycle or get a short bus rather than be stuck in huge traffic jams.

House Prices


In comparison to cities like London, the house prices in Edinburgh – and Scotland more generally – are significantly lower. The average price of a one bedroom flat in Edinburgh is literally hundreds of thousands of pounds less than a similar flat in Central London.

Also, the ratio of income to property prices is slimmer than most other places in the country so the general cost of living is much less too.

Purdie Worldwide Removals: Your Choice For Moving House in Edinburgh

Established initially as a coal merchant in 1960, Purdie Worldwide Removals have been helping the residents of Edinburgh move home for decades. We can help you move locally as well as abroad and have a storage facility to help you during the move.

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